Christmas Traditions - Feedback Friday

I am gearing up for our big Christmas here and wonder what special traditions the rest of you have?

We Tour the Lights, decorate with Lots of Candles and Lots of Snowflakes, have special ways of wrapping and delivering gifts, make special Christmas Crafts, make Cookies.

It's Feedback Friday...

Tell me about your Christmas Traditions!


  1. I watch "White Christmas" every year all by myself!
    We get together with my sisters & their families on Christmas day.
    We attend our church Christmas Pageant.
    I finish shopping & wrapping the day before Christmas.
    I crash the day after Christmas!
    Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  2. Where do I start? we always buy at least 1 ornament each year to remember that christmas by. On christmas eve santa drops a present down the chimney by mistake on his way past. It's a new set of pj's for my son so he looks all nice in the morning opening his presents. My son always has a stocking with a £2 coin in the bottom (inflation I got 50p), a satsuma & chocolate coins. Socks are also a must for the stocking. Stocking is opened upstairs whilst in mummy & daddy's bed (big difficult in his cabin bed). Then everyone has to be in the living room before presents opened. Each year we take turns in being at my parents or hubbys parents for christmas day/boxing day but we still visit them all on christmas day. At my mums in the afternoon after lunch when everyone is relaxing santa knocks on the door, one of the children open the door to find a box with a sorry note from santa. It says sorry I forgot to leave this love santa. In it is a present for anyone that is in the house at the time (my mum always keeps spares) and it has to be something silly. I think hubby is getting a desk golf game. The children also always get a board game or something we can all play together and each one gets played on christmas day. We also now have an elf. My son has called him hotsy and he watches over Ryan to make sure he is being good. Each night hotsy goes off to tell Santa if he has been good or bad. We even did the video on a website and one day when he was really naughty he got the naughty message off santa. luckily it was the only day so he has had a good message since then. My son also made up his own tradition. When ever he goes to see santa at a fair or anything he takes him a present to say thank you for being santa. He only usually gives him a couple of packets of sweets (the ones that aren't his favorite) but he wraps them up and makes sure he gives it to santa. he has been to 2 this year and both have got presents. He made me the proudest mum ever when he came up with that one! We also do a christmas card every year for the grandparents of Ryan. We also keep one so we can see each christmas how he has changed. I also collect snowglobes so that is becoming a tradition to find a nice snowglobe. I'm sure we have more traditions but my mind has gone blank!

  3. I was going to comment, but Susan up there used up all the comment space ;->

    Merry Christmas my friend!

    Janet xox

  4. Every year is a tad bit different:


    This is how this year is going...


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