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Again, with the infomercials. Watch the volume if you are at work or around children, as there are a few "bad words".


My Week

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My weekly wrapup, you can click each picture for a better look. Have a great weekend!



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My contribution to this week's I Heart Faces photo edit.

Feedback Friday

I don't have any really pressing questions for you today...so let's play Would you Rather! Ready?

Would you rather...

A) Have the ability to silence with a stare


B) Goose with a wink?

My answer? Dude, I'm a MOM, I already silence with a stare! So...

In this vein I went Etsy searching and found this:


Alice and the Owl

Fearless Freak

Girly Girl Originals

Have a great weekend!


The Best BBQ Ribs

The Big Guy had a birthday this week and one of his favorite meals was on the menu: BBQ Ribs. It's spicy, manly, and messy - perfect for a Big Guy birthday dinner.

Pick up some baby back ribs and let's get to work on this recipe that yields tender and delicious ribs.

Let's start with the ingredients for the dry rub:

4 T. paprika
2 T. chili powder
2 T. ground cumin
2 T. brown sugar
2 T. salt
1 T. dried oregano
1 T. sugar
1 T. ground black pepper
1-2 tsp. cayenne pepper

Rinse and dry your ribs well, then rub with the the spice mixture. You should be able to use the whole amount on two racks of ribs.

Wrap them in foil and refrigerate for at least an hour, you can even do this the day before.

Bake in a 325 degree oven for 2 - 2 1/2 hours wrapped tightly in the foil.

Remove from the oven, brush with BBQ sauce (we like Sweet Baby Ray's) and cook on a charcoal grill for 20-30 minutes. For a nice smokey flavor, add some wood chips that have been soaked in water to the grate and cover.

Serve with steak fries - there's no veggies for a Big Guy birthday dinner.

Even little Big Guys like it!

Clean your plate and you just might get birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Guy!


You're Invited to a Book Exchange Party!

I held my first Book Exchange Party this afternoon for my best girlfriends, and it was a raging success! As summer approaches, I needed to stock up on pool/beach books and decided to throw a party where we could all exchange. It turned out to be a fun afternoon and we all came away with some new treasures. Best of all, we didn't spend a dime.

Guests received this email via Evite:

I pulled some mini-cupcakes out of the freezer and topped with fresh cream cheese frosting:

I had extra frosting and made little shots of the good stuff on individual spoons:

I slaved over this yummy Lemon Punch:

Country Time Lemonade mix and sliced lemons...shhhhh....

I printed up some cute raffle tickets for guests to fill out when they arrived:

A hand made book mark was the prize:

After guests donated books, they were given a ticket to redeem for new choices:

Look at the bounty!!! We included magazines for the busy moms who aren't up for reading a whole book yet:

My guests browsed:

And snacked:

And chatted:

It was a success and everyone is already looking forward to the next exchange. It was my easiest party yet. Happy reading!


We won!

We got a special package in the mail today from John Deere Mom! I entered her contest to win a remote control John Deere Gator a few weeks ago and was the lucky winner!

We won!, originally uploaded by hopestudios1.

Go check out John Deere Mom , you will be entertained and might just win a prize!


"THE" Prom

Okay, Jen, this one's for you...

I've had a request to unveil my own prom photo for all of the web to see. I have no excuses for the over-abundance of sequins (that left my arms a scraped up mess), the overly full skirt, or the bow that was wider than my body.

My hair could touch the ceiling in most vehicles, most of my allowance was spent on Rave hairspray in those days. My styling technique involved Rave and a hot curling iron. I can remember the hiss of steam that would rise from my hair as I burned it to a crisp trying to coax it skyward. Sometimes there was a row of bangs, curled under of course, other times there was a shiny wall of hair that rose straight up from my forehead. For some reason, this hairstyle was very popular. I have no other explanation.

Without any further ado, I bring you Williamson High School Senior Prom, 1990. Theme: Stairway to Heaven...

My date's name eludes me (Cliff or Clint or something). He wasn't my boyfriend, just another guy who was planning to go stag, as was I. It was basically a carpool opportunity with pictures and dancing. I admit I did kiss another boy that night that I had a crush on. In this particular picture he appears to be thinking "What happened? How the hell did I get here in front of the furry white gate and who blew up all these balloons?!?"

And, before you ask, here is my Senior Portrait:

Here, I am modeling my favorite Gap t-shirt and my prized acid washed jeans that were tapered at the ankle. I was sporting my trademark braids on the side of my head that were bleached blond and adorned with beads. I am feeling very "hot" in this photo.

There you have it, your mission is to post your own prom pictures and post the link in the comments box so I can go point and laugh. Come on, it's fun!


Sunday Funny

Are you having trouble deciphering anything? Pull the outside of your eyes to the sides and try again...Something you want to share?


Feedback Friday

1. Stand IN line or ON line?

2. Guard rails or Guide rails?

3. Go to Prom or to THE Prom?

4. Rubber bands or Gum bands?

5. Soda or Pop?

6. Sneakers or Tennis shoes?

7. Groceries: GROSS-eries or GROSH-eries?

8. Vacuum or Sweep?

Just wondering...


In line, guard rails, the prom, rubber bands, pop, sneakers, gross-eries, vacuum

Have a great holiday weekend!

I Heart Faces - Fix it Friday

I've decided to contribute to the I Heart Faces Fix it Friday challenge. Here is my effort:

ponytail princess edit, originally uploaded by hopestudios1.

Do you want to take a stab at it? Head on over to I Heart Faces and show 'em whatcha got!


Homemade French Fries

Ever wonder why your french fries aren't golden and crispy like the ones in restaurants? Let me let you in on a secret...double frying.

Begin by cutting your potatoes, I just used russets. Try to make uniform fries so they will cook in the same amount of time.

Rinse the cut potatoes under water until the water runs clear, then place in a bowl with ice cubes and water. Place the bowl in the fridge for at least 30 minutes (can do this a day ahead)

Now drain the potatoes and place in a towel. Pat dry.

Fry potatoes for about 6-8 minutes

Remove to drain with slotted spoon onto a paper bag or newspaper and let sit at least 10 minutes.

Now, when you are ready to eat RE-FRY the partially cooked fries, stirring often, for about 2-5 minutes. You will see them get golden and puffed.

Remove with slotted spoon to fresh paper to drain and season to taste. Mmmmmm...homemade french fries...

This is the key step: Keep slotted spoon handy to beat off children and husbands who will attempt to eat all the fries before you have served dinner.

And finally, to encourage you to not overindulge in these yummy fries, I give you the second best moment of the American Idol Finale (second to my boy Kris winning!)...Cara vs. Bikini Girls!

Your Skin Fix, December Edition