Feedback Friday - C Section Debate

This week, I read a post from Momlogic that I knew we all would want to weigh in on. It seems a woman in New Jersey refused to consent to a C-section during labor in the event that her baby was in distress. She ended up giving birth vaginally without incident. The baby was in good medical condition.

However, her baby was taken away from her and her parental rights were terminated because she "abused and neglected her child" by refusing the C-section and behaving "erratically" while in labor.

A New Jersey appellate court has upheld the ruling, and custody has been given to the child's foster parents.

The court's decision cites hospital records that describe the mother as "combative," "uncooperative," "erratic," "noncompliant," "irrational" and "inappropriate."

Now, the court also mentions that the mother was also in psychiatric for 12 years prior to the birth. (The Huffington Post points out, her psychiatric state would never have been questioned if the mother had not refused invasive abdominal surgery (true?) -- which they say was entirely within her rights.)

Here is the entire court ruling. ** UPDATE: it seems this link has been removed, I will try to locate another for you. Sorry!

Now you know the ruling and the background info...thoughts?


DIY Thursday

Okay, I feel bad for leaving you high and dry on Tuesday with no tutorial for the week. I sucked you dry for ideas on my settee and the inspiration is flowing. Thank you all!

This week's DIY will be tutorial-ish to make up for it. (note: my spell check hates me.) See? Two for one!

Let me show you my Antiqued Living Room Wall...


Acrylic glaze
DecoArt Elegant Finish Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint
Paint brush
Folk Art Metallic Pearl White Acrylic Paint

This was soooo easy, and I love the effect of aging on the walls. Oh, I hate the furniture in here, by the way.

Begin with a boring beige wall (you have one of those, right?)

Mix 1 part gold paint with 4 parts glaze.

Paint 2-3 foot sections of the wall with a cross-hatch stroke using the brush.

Dab the paint back OFF the wall in the same area using the rag.

Most directions for this type of finish tell you to work quickly with another person to keep a we edge, but I like the darker edges and color differentiation, so I took my time and did it alone.

Repeat over the entire wall surface. Let dry.

Measure your wall and work out a pattern for placing the stencil (I originally wanted a fleur de lis, but couldn't find it. This stencil cost me $1.00).

I used a laser level to keep each row straight.

Stencil the pattern over the antiqued wall using a rag dipped into the paint then dabbed off. (the rag should be almost dry)

Because of the metallic nature of the paint, the finish looks different in every light and at every angle (yet, not shiny) - it's soooo cool! The effect is kind of like old parchment.

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Tutorial Tuesday Suspended - I Need YOUR Help

Just LOOK what I found at my local Goodwill yesterday!

This antique settee was wheeled in and I snagged the tag and wheeled it right back out the door. How much, you ask? $49.00! For real!

Now I just need to figure out how to reupholster it. I've been pulling off all the old fabric and it seems to all disassemble to allow me to staple fabric then reassemble the wood parts. Easy enough...right?

Okay, here's the deal: I want to put this in our office. The walls are a deep red with cherry colored wainscot ting and the curtains are this Waverly black and white damask:

There is nothing else in the room but a desk. Ideas???

Oh, and next Tuesday I'm having a Tutorial Linky Party so get ready to link up and par-tay!


I Heart Faces : At the Beach

I Heart Faces : Beach, originally uploaded by hopestudios1.

Here is my entry for I Heart Faces Beach Edition. Here is an exhausted hole digger, proud of his work. This challenge comes just in time for out summer vacation! Have a great beach photo? Click the button below to join in the fun!

Rain: This. Is. Cool.

Are you sitting there thinking about all the time people have on their hands...and how glad you are they do? I was astounded by this and had to pass it along.


Feedback Friday

One of my favorite bloggers is The Constant Complainer who posts thought provoking issues each week that spark lively debates and comments. Lord knows I can't keep my opinions to myself, so it's a match made in heaven.

Recently, he posted the following discussion highlighting an interview between reporter Heather Nichols and UFC's (Ultimate Fighting Championship) "Rampage":

He followed up with the following remarks made by Nichol's when asked about her reactions to the incident:

Nichols went on to tell CNN and Sports Illustrated, “At first I was just shocked when he grabbed me, and all I could think was, “Oh my gosh, what is he doing?!” Then I tried to play along a little bit because I knew he was trying to be funny, but after about the first 5-10 seconds, it was just plain awkward. I kept thinking, “What should I do? Knee him? Keep going?” So I decided to keep asking questions, assuming he would stop if I did that. So I asked another question, and he kept going. I asked ANOTHER question, and he kept going. At this point I was just freaking out, but still trying to be a professional and ask all the questions I was assigned to ask, and this has been interpreted by some viewers as me liking it and egging him on. This was definitely not the case. I was hired to do a job, which was to interview Rampage, so I decided to put up with his shenanigans and finish the interview.”

Um, thoughts??? What do you think of "Rampage's" behavior? What do you think of Nichol's reaction? Let me hear you, girl!


DIY Thursday - Window (mis)Treatments

After my Bathroom Chandelier post, I had a few comments about the window treatment over the tub. I subscribe to The Nester's "window (mis)treatment" theory, and agree that is doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Thus the term "(mis)treatment". Love that.

This window is a perfect example of this theory in action. Yes, a real interior designer would cringe (look away now if you are one!), but it suits the purpose I intended and it's pretty...so it works for me (and really, what the Big Guy doesn't know won't hurt him).

We hung a thick drapery rod with awesome finials (I don't like to cheap out on those as far as looks go, but regarding cost; you can pick these up at any discount place Marshall's, TJ Maxx for a lot less).

I hung an every day store bought sheer in an antique gold color using the clip on drapery rings. I just like the way the curtain falls when using these vs. pushing the rod through the pocket at the top.

I pulled it to the side by screwing a little cup hook into the wall and using the band of fabric included. I tucked the fabric band into the cup hook and hung an extra tassel on the front.

I cut a rectangle about 1 1/2 x the width of the window out of a rough dupioni silk (about a yard, and I used my JoAnn's 1/2 price coupon). I didn't even hem the edges, just tucked them under and swagged it over the rod, leaving the ends longer.

The first end I wrapped around the rod and pinned it tight with straight pins from behind (click on the picture to see an enlarged photo, you can seethe little straight pin, no sewing! Oh, and you can also see a layer of dust sitting on top of the curtain.)

The second end I ballooned with some plastic grocery bags and pinned from behind with straight pins.

And another little bathroom tidbit, I didn't have a good photo of this (and I'm too lazy busy to go up an take another one). But, I hate ugly containers on my bathroom counter (disregard the large tub of shaving cream and tube of toothpaste in front as I type this), so I bought a cheap "crystal" decanter (read: cut glass from discount store) for the Big Guy's mouthwash. It just dresses it up a little bit.

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Tutorial Tuesday - Ruffled Tank

193/365 My Tuxedo Tank, originally uploaded by hopestudios1.

I purchased two ribbed tanks (from the dollar bins at Target $2.50 each) and used one to cut out a loose wave pattern, each one a bit longer and wider than the last. This can be done free hand. Double your fabric because you will need two of each length. Leave one side straight, cutting along the ribs as a guide:

Beginning from the center, butt the matching longest ruffles against each other (straight sides together), and pin. Zigzag stitch the two together with one seam. (Warning: there will be much swearing as you inevitably sew the front to the back at some point during this process. Just sayin'.)

I liked mine butted right up against the neck seam at the top.

Now, you can lift each side of the center ruffle and pin and stitch the remaining two ruffles into place, each under the last, on each side:

When the shirt is upright, the wavy fabric pieces fall into a mass of ruffles:

I use it as a bathing suit cover up. It's so cute!

Any fabric that doesn't fray would work for this project, just think of covering the entire front of a tee with fluttery ruffles! Have fun!


We're Goin' To The Fair...

There is nothing like a county fair. Just nothing.

You will never happen upon this eclectic mix of people, this eclectic mix of foods, the stomach churning rides mixed with farm animals and strange side shows. Are you a city slicker? Come on, honey, I'm taking you to the fair!

Climb on up in the bleachers with me to check out the Monster Trucks...now scream! You're doing fine. Let's stay here to watch the roll over contest. Cars will ride with two wheels up a ramp and we will collectively count how many times they roll over. For real.

Did you just eat corn dogs, pizza, gyros, french fries and ice cream? Great, let's get on the tilt-o-whirl until we chuck!

Beg daddy for $5 so you can win a goldfish (mom and dad stand behind you and pray for you to miss.)

Oops, crazy lady with the tiger painted face smoking a cigarette. Don't stare, just move quickly away. After she's done spanking her kids in public she will move on to you if you make eye contact.

The carnies love you and all the other folks on this swing ride. To reward you they let you ride extra long...really long...20 minutes long...enough time for you to snap this picture of your kids:

And this picture. Are you okay, you don't look so good...

189/365 Swing, originally uploaded by hopestudios1.

Cutest fair kids ever, say cheese!

Now, take one last look, grab some last minute fried dough, and let's get out of here:

County fair, originally uploaded by hopestudios1.

Painter's Feet

DSCN4466, originally uploaded by hopestudios1.

It was hard to choose, but I finally settled on this photo for I Heart Faces "Feet" week. Check out the entries and maybe enter one of your own by clicking the button below:


Sunday Funny

While I was making breakfast a few days ago, my 10 year old was inspecting the eggs in the carton:

He finally looked up and said, "What does the EB stand for on the eggs? Eatable birds???"

No lie. Poor, sweet, dumb dumb...


DIY Round-up

Thanks for for linking up this week. Between here and A Soft Place To Land, I've seen some pretty great ideas. Here is a peek at some of my favorites:

Boutelle Family Zoo used chalk board paint in an ingenious and practical way...inside her pantry doors! It's dead space there anyway, and the paint us useful and looks great:

Out of the Crayon Box may have convinced me to try once more for a girl with this adorable kitchen set made from an old cabinet!

Fabulous Finishes used a combo of stencils and swarovski crystals to jazz up her daughter's bedroom (again with the needing a girl thing...)

Over at Kimba's party, I found this amazing use of burlap (for curtains!!!) by All Things Llanos:

We are planning to take the kids to Washington D.C. this week, so I don't have any activities planned to share from my summer calendar. But I can share how one particular Mentos and Diet Coke science experiment played out:


Feedback Friday - Party Invitation Debacle

Dude! I can't stop blogging, I tried! I know I said I was taking it easy for the summer...but it just isn't possible. I have too many thoughts and ideas. I tried though. Okay, let's get on with it...

Last week my neighbor received an email invitation to a Happy Hour/Pool Party at another neighbor's house. She didn't know the neighbor well, but we live in a small three street neighborhood and the invitation list seemed to represent all three streets so she thought she and her family would attend.

About 2 days before the party she received another email from the host stating that she had received the invitation in error and though they weren't really supposed to be invited, they were still welcome to attend (something to that effect).

The (un)invited neighbor's response was "Thanks, but no thanks."

Yes, this really happened - you can't make this stuff up!


Little Miss

Little Miss, originally uploaded by hopestudios1.

My My I Heart Faces photo edit contribution.

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Soul Sisters Beach Birthday Smackdown!

195/365, originally uploaded by hopestudios1.

Well, the Soul Sisters were at it again and this time it was for a celebration - Smackdown style! (All parties with food and drink have been dubbed "Smackdowns" ever since we attended the Big Italian Smackdown in the city. We like how it sounds).

This time Joy was the lucky birthday girl and the shores of Lake Erie was the destination. So, five "Sistas", 13 kids, a jug of margaritas, lots of salads and cupcakes all made the journey for an afternoon of fun.

The usual rules applied to the gifts, (the gift must be hand made using $10 or less for supplies) and this is the booty:

A Hope Studios Memory Plaque
The coolest ankle/toe bracelet ring thingie you ever saw from Treat Girl
A mini Costco chocolate cake imitation from Marzipan (the birthday girl swoons over this cake)
A cute hand made clutch that matches a skirt she already has from Girl in the Sticks

We planted our own letterbox thanks to Joy's forethought (anyone letterboxing in the Erie area???), played at a cool playground then headed out.

So, happy birthday to our sister, you don't look a day older...


My Summer Bed DIY

I love my bed and the comforter we picked out last year. It such a warm color and great pattern, it matches everything else, and makes the room cozy. Maybe a little too cozy and warm in the summer. This thing is so warm to use in July!

***I'm getting a lot of buzz about the art above my bed. I bought it from a very talented artist who is just lovely, check out her website here Antoine Art***

When we wake up in the morning, our bed looks like this:

And we feel like this:

We vacationed in Florida this spring and the hotel had "fake quilts" at the foot of the beds there. It looked like the quilt had been folded at the foot of the bed, but upon closer inspection, it was a coordinating panel meant to look that way. This was the answer to my summer bedding dilemma!

I found single drapery panel ($19.99, whoop whoop!) at TJ Maxx that coordinated with our bedding (any kind of fabric would do, I just stumbled upon this) and folded it lengthwise, right sides together. Then I laid a piece of quilt batting on top and pinned the three layers like this:

I just sewed a straight line around three edges, leaving one short end open, then turned the whole thing right side out and pressed.

I found some coordinating buttons and sewed them on for some contrast and to hold the batting in place rather than quilting it, and voila!

While I was in the decorating groove, I picked up some spray paint (Rustoleum Hammered Dark Bronze)and a Target lampshade and made over our bedroom lamps:

The big guy sat on the edge of the bed and said "This metal lamp is so cool, I love the shape! Was it expensive? Does it turn on the same as my old lamp?" Silly silly man...

Do you have a DIY? Link up under this post then hop over to link up with Kimba using this button:


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