Google Analytics Fun and DIY Thursday

Every so often I browse my keyword searches in Google Analytics for funny hits on my blog. It never fails to amuse me to see how some people stumble upon this little blog. Here are some of my favorites with a bit of commentary:

Before bunion (Ok, I don't think anyone wants to be known as the "bunion girl". WHY? I'm pretty sure I've never mentioned bunions on this blog before. But, now I've just mentioned them three times, so come find me bunion lovers of America!)

Child overwhelmed parties does not obey blank look (Awww, sweetie, that's just called being a mommy)

Crackhead photos (I don't know what those are, but they sound HILARIOUS! I'm going to search this after I get done here)

I love you man (I love you, too)

French fry picture frame (This is the perfect combo, sentimental and delicious!)

How to make car wash scarves (Um, honey, if you're using scarves for this, you're doing it wrong.)

How to make goop for French fries (Maybe this is how I stick them to the frame???)

i jumped on a fork in an elevator

i jumped on a nun in your bathroom
(Well, that seems inappropriate yet funny)

i love you man sea of testerone quote
(Again, I love you too and your testosterone. The more the merrier)

jennifer juniper of the chocolate room (Where is this chocolate room you speak of? I want to go there!)

kitty litter and bucket for toilet + tailgating
(someone is actually going to use this against me someday)

lip quivering (this could be interpreted in so many ways...why would you search this?)

pee off cliff waterfall (and right there is my life, in a nutshell)

rude throw party week before another party
)(listen dude, this ain't Dear Abby. Just have your party and get on with your life)

smackdown love for boys (I'm afraid to ask. Is this anything like my Mother Bear instinct to hunt down and kill anything that threatens my kids?)

For the most part, I learned that you all just love anything to do with french fries, and you're dying to learn how to make a moss terrarium. Your purses are a MESS and you need to make your own purse organizer right now!

The concept of making Goop, gloop, or snot for your kids to play with is really popular and you want to make ribbon flowers all day long!

Well, as you know, it's DIY Thursday over at Kimba's place today and I'm submitting an oldie but goodie that is appropriate for this time of year: How to make a fruit fly trap! So, head on over there to learn how to get rid of those little buggers once and for all...the natural way, man...


ps(Happy birthday, Mom!)



  1. Those are great, I had to use some restraint not to laugh out loud and wake my daughter!

  2. Too funny! Or scary...depending on what mood I'm in when I read those!

  3. ROFL @ crackhead pictures.....sounds like something you would find on my blog.

    I love looking through google analytics every now and again too.

    hmmmm.....maybe I will do that tonight. I need a good laugh.

  4. oh my! I can't stop laughing! I'll have to check my keywords one day too.

  5. haha! i soo wish you jumped on a nun in my bathroom! that would be a fabulous story to have to tell people!

  6. I so need to hook up with google analytics..so funny!!

    Thanks for the homemade fruit fly trap...I could use one like right now.

  7. Interesting! Will have to try this one...

  8. You are before me at SITS today.
    How cool is that? I already like you and I can't handle the work of pretending to like someone else. (Oops. Did I type that out loud?)

    I've seen other bloggers Google Analytics search word stuff and it's bizarre.
    Your commentary makes it funner.
    There are some sickos out there...
    Makes me wanna do a post of retarded word combos and use it like bait.

  9. The keywords on my analytics are mostly recipe searches, but I did get ones that said "spilled lotion in my purse" and "why a dinosaur's favorite days are Tuesday and Friday".

  10. I'm running off to check my keywords!

  11. Don't ask me how I remember this (call me crazy), but I specifically remember you mentioning bunions in your DIY Sex in the City shoes...I think I was just so obsessed with the shoes that I read the post like 20 times!

  12. Keyword searches are so funny! I get all kinds of crazy ones because of my blog's title.

  13. Neat fruit fly DIY project.

    and thanks for the heads up on key words, I will have to look into that!

    Sassy Chica

  14. Do you ever notice the word scrambles that come up on the security for commenting? Sometimes it scarily prophetic!

    Fun post...

    love, kelee

  15. You are right; looking at the searches that bring people to your site can be fun and scary. There's always a phrase or two every month that really scare me. LOL.

    Happy Labor Day by the way!

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